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Promoting Good Health

1952 Founding of CCPC engages in the manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticals, and related pharmaceutical import/export services.
1953 Signs contract with Sankyo Co., Ltd. of Japan for the production and marketing of Sankyo products.
1959 MOEA approves technological partnership with the American firm E.R. Squibb.
1960 A new R&D building established at the Shulin plant in order to boost quality control and medication R&D.
1960 Obtains general agent rights for Sankyo pharmaceuticals and pesticides in ROC territory.



Growing Production and Sales

1962 Awarded first place, pharmaceutical division, in the MOEA's Quality Awards, for most improved private factory.
1962 First company in Taiwan authorized by the MOEA to go public; stock publicly listed.
1963 Obtains ROC general agent rights for the pharmaceutical products of Morishita Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
1964 Establishes subsidiary Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co., Ltd. (CCSB) to produce raw materials for antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals.
1964 Awarded inspection approval by the US FDA, making the company the first general pharmaceutical manufacturer in Taiwan to receive acknowledgement from the US government.
1965 Collaborates with the Dutch pharmaceutical firm Organon B.V. to produce that company's Durabolin and Orgabolin products.
1966 Signs an ROC general agent contract for the diagnostic pharmaceuticals of the Ames Company (United States), and began sales.
1968 Signs a general agent contract with the Siam Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. for the marketing and sale of the company's products in Thailand.
1969 Founder Wang Min-ning visits Thailand to inspect agent sales and observe the Southeast Asian pharmaceutical market.
1970 Jointly invest in the establishment of the subsidiary Sino-Japan Chemical Co., Ltd. with Japanese partner Sankyo Co., Ltd. The new subsidiary produces emulsifier and surfactant.


Technological Upgrading

1972 Embarks on diversification by introducing Bailing Alkaline Toothpaste, which is popular with consumers.
1972 Collaborates with the Italian firm Lepetit to manufacture that company's patented pharmaceutical product RIF Capsules in Taiwan.
1974 Signs a contract with Japan's Hana Seisakusho Co., Ltd. making China Chemical Pharmaceutical Taiwan general agent for that company's pharmaceutical machinery.
1975 The MOEA approves technology collaboration between this company and Morishita Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in the manufacture of the injectable drug Moriamin for sale in Taiwan.
1976 Obtains ROC general agent rights for the infant formula Bebelac Humanized No. 1 by the Dutch firm Lijempf B.V.
1976 Collaborates with the Belgian firm Janssen Pharmaceutical N.V. to produce animal drugs in Taiwan.
1976 Collaborates with the West German firm Kali Chemie to jointly produce pharmaceuticals in Taiwan.
1976 Builds a new plant and research building complying with WHO's Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.
1977 Signs a contract with the major US pharmaceutical firm Syntex Laboratories for the production and sale of that company's patented preparation Naposin in Taiwan.
1977 Signs a contract with the Japanese firm Kureha Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. for ROC general agent rights to the anti-cancer drug Krestin.
1977 Authorizes Namchow Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. to produce this company's Green Herbal Soap.
1978 First pharmaceutical manufacturer in Taiwan's to implement a GMP system; company opens a new factory meeting GMP standards.
1979 Signs a contract with IBM for the installation of computers, allowing the company to implement modern corporate management.
1979 Signs a contract with the Italian firm Farmitalia CarloErba for the joint production and sale of the diabetes drug Glidiab Tablets.
1979 Signs a technology collaboration contract with the US firm Smith Kline & French Overseas Co. for the production and sale of that company's patented Tagamet Tablets in Taiwan.
1980 Signs a contract with the Swedish pharmaceutical firm Asta making China Chemical Pharmaceutical ROC general agent for that company's anti-hypertension drug Betaloc Tablets.
Accumulating Managerial Expertise

1985 Signs a contract with the Japanese firm Koyaki Pharmaceutical Ind. Co., Ltd. for Taiwan sales agent rights to that company's arterial embolism drugs and Promostan.
1986 President Wang Min-ning signs a general agent contract with the president of Sankyo in Tokyo on March 19.
1989 Establishment of the Wang Ming-Ning Foundation in order to sponsor medical research.
1993 Establishment of the Suzhou Chunghwa Chemical & Pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd. (SCCPC)
1997 Completion of Hsinfeng plant—Taiwan's first pharmaceutical factory meeting cGMP requirements.
1998 SCCPC passes Chinese GMP certification.
1998 Receives National Gold Award for Medical Quality.



Entering the Biotech Era

2000 China Chemical signs a contract with the US firm SynZyme Technologies LLC allowing the joint development of that company's proprietary platform technology, which has the potential to eliminate harmful free radicals. CCPC and SCCPC plan to use this technology in new drug development and clinical trials.
2000 Recipient of the National Biotechnology and Health Care Quality Award.
2001 Receives the Gold Medal for Manufacturing Technology in the 1st Pharmaceutical Technology Research and Development Awards.
2003 China Chemical's Hsinfeng and Taichung plants pass DOH audit, and become the first factories in Taiwan to be certified as whole-plant, all-dosage form stage 3 cGMP general pharmaceutical plants.
  The company split off marketing from production, establishing Chunghwa Yuming Healthcare Co., Ltd. (CYH) to handle pharmaceutical marketing, planning, and development tasks.
Going Global

2005 Purchases Sankyo's Tainan plant, which becomes China Chemical's second Tainan plant.
2006 In order to achieve optimal service quality, China Chemical establishes the Chunghwa Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. (CBT) and in April signs a contract with the US firm Home Instead for the development of residential care services in the Taiwan market.
2008 Tainan plant I passes ISO22000:2005.
2009 The ground-breaking ceremony of CCPC's Tainan Cephalosporin Plant III.
2010 The ground-breaking ceremony of new base of SCCPC meets the China GMP, Japan GMP and PIC/S GMP requirements.
2010 Taichung plant passes PIC/S GMP in 2010.
2010 Hsinfong plant passes PIC/S GMP in 2010.
2011 Tainan plant II passes PIC/S GMP in 2011.
2011 Tainan plant III passes PIC/S GMP in 2011.
2012 The ground-breaking ceremony of Tainan plant I for animal injections, solutions, and ointments meets the cGMP requirements.
2012 "Novel Antihypertensive Peptide and Its Use" was developed through joint collaboration with research teams of National Chung Hsing University and Dayeh University and the technology transfer agreement was signed to officially start the new era for hypertension prevention and health in Taiwan.
2013 Tainan plant II acquired TFDA PIC/S Certification.
2014 Expanded animal injection, solution and ointment lines at Tainan Plant I in compliance with cGMP requirements, and passed the GMP inspection for veterinary drug plants by the COA.
2014 Start-up of SCCPC's new plant designed based on China's new GMP and EU requirements. The powder injection and solid preparation lines obtained the new GMP certification.
2014 Hsingfong Plant II acquired Japan's PMDA accreditation.
2015 In response to the healthcare needs arising from an aging society, Chunghwa Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd. was renamed as Chunghwa Senior Care Co., Ltd. (CSCC),and became specialized in senior care services, senior care personnel training and consultation services for managing senior care businesses.
2015 Established Phermpep Co., Ltd. based on a decade of industry-academia collaboration among the research and development (R&D) teams of CCPC, National Chung-Hsing University and Da-Yeh University. Industry-leading R&D capabilities are being focused on the research and development of materials, and efforts are being made to grasp consumers' changing needs and provide a comprehensive range of health food products.
2016 CCSB was awarded the Gold Prize for Manufacturing Technology of the 2016 Drug Research and Development Science and Technology Award from the Ministry of Health and Welfare and the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2016 Commenced construction of medicated soap production line designed based on cGMP requirements at Tainan Plant.
2016 Phermpep Co., Ltd. was awarded the 13th National Innovation Award for the topic "Development of applications of novel kefir peptides in the health industry".
2017 Hsinfong Plant II and Tainan Plant III passed the PIC/S GMP compliance assessment by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA).
2017 Construction of new medicated soap manufacturing plant at Tainan Plant III; the production line passed the PIC/S GMP compliance assessment by Taiwan Food and Drug Administration (TFDA).
2018 Groundbreaking ceremony and beginning of construction for Tainan Plant IV penem solid dosage production facility, a joint investment with Japanese company Maruho.
2019 Tainan Plant I passed the GMP (PIC/S GMP standards) compliance assessment by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA).
2019 Exclusive tumor solid dosage production line of Hsinfong Plant passed the PIC/S GMP compliance assessment by the Food and Drug Administration, Ministry of Health and Welfare.
2020 Taichung Plant passed the cGMP compliance assessment by the Council of Agriculture.
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