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The Supreme Court of Taiwan pronounced the judgment of the chairman of the company Date of announcement: 2020/04/30
SEQ_NO.1Time of announcement: 18:07:48Date of events:2020/4/30To which item it meets:paragraph 2
Spokesman:Sun,Yin-NanTitle of spokesman:Vice PresidentTelephone no. of spokesman:02-23124200

1.Parties to the legal matter:Wang, Hsun-Sheng, the company’s chairman
2.Name of the court or disposing agency:Supreme court of Taiwan
3.Reference/case numbers of relevant documents:
cassation NO.4 of the Appeal in 2019
4.Date of occurrence of the event:2020/04/30
5.Background and circumstances of the matter (including the property/subject
  matter under dispute):As detailed in Article 9
6.Course and progression of handling of the matter:As detailed in Article 9
7.Effect on company finances and business and estimated monetary amount of
  the effect:As detailed in Article 9
8.Countermeasures and status of amelioration:As detailed in Article 9
9.Any other matters that need to be specified:
the chairman was prosecuted by the Taipei District Prosecutors Office for a
violation of the Securities Trading Law ,
after the Supreme Court returned the retrial, the High Court convicted the
breach of faith and other crimes on April 30.
The chairman expressed deep regret at the judgment and will request the
lawyer to file an appeal in accordance with the law after receiving the
judgment in order to prove himself innocent.
The company's business and financial operations are normal , this judgment
has no impact on the company's operations.

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