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Title Nationality/ Country of Origin Name Date Elected Term(Years) Date First Elected Experience(Education) Other Position
Chairman R.O.C Wang, Hsun-Sheng 2016 .05 .27 3 years 1992 .04 .11 MBA, Yale University CCPC:Chairman
Other Companies:Note 1
Director R.O.C Wang, Hsun-Hui 2016 .05 .27 3 years 1995 .05 .30 BA, State University of New York CCPC:None
Other Companies:Note 2
Director R.O.C Cheng, Hsi-I 2016 .05 .27 3 years 2002 .06 .14 MA, Tokai University CCPC:None
Other Companies:Note 3
Director R.O.C Wang Ming-Ning Foundation 2016 .05 .27 3 years 2007 .06 .08 - CCPC:None
Other Companies:None
Director R.O.C Wang Ming-Ning Foundation
Representative: Tsai, Ching-Chung
2016 .05 .27 3 years 2007 .06 .08 BPharm, Kaohsiung Medical University CCPC:None
Other Companies:Note 4
Independent Director R.O.C Chen, Hung-Shou 2016 .05 .27 3 years 2016 .05 .27 EMBA., National Taiwan University
Bachelor of Transportation & Logistics Management, National ChiaoTung University
Other Companies:Note 5
Independent Director R.O.C Wu, Su-Huan 2016 .05 .27 3 years 2016 .05 .27 EMBA., National Taiwan University
Bachelor of Accounting, Tunghi University
Other Companies:Note 6
Independent Director R.O.C Pei, Min-Li 2016 .05 .27 3 years 2016 .05 .27 Bachelor of Accounting, National Chengchi University
EMBA., National Taiwan University
Other Companies:Note 7


Note 1:

Chairman, Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co., Ltd.

Chairman, Tairung Development Co., Ltd.

Chairman, Chunghwa Yuming Healthcare Co., Ltd.

Chairman, Chunghwa Senior Care Co., Ltd.

Chairman, HU-YU Co., Ltd.

Chairman, Sino-Japan Chemical Co., Ltd.

Director, Suzhou Chung-hwa Chemical&pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd.


Note 2:

Chairman, Suzhou Chung-hwa Chemical&pharmaceutical Industrial Co., Ltd.

Executive Director, Suzhou Chunghwa Yuming Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Director, Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co., Ltd.

Director, Tairung Development Co., Ltd.

Director, Timpco International Co., Ltd.

Director, Chunghwa Holding Co., Ltd.

Supervisor, Sino-Japan Chemical Co., Ltd.


Note 3:

Director, Ren Ai Enterprise Co., Ltd.

Supervisor, Chunghwa Chemical Synthesis & Biotech Co., Ltd.


Note 4:

Director, Chunghwa Senior Care Co., Ltd.

Director, Sino-Japan Chemical Co., Ltd.


Note 5:

Founder and Chairman, GuoShi Partners Co., Ltd.

Independent Director, Yageo Corporation

Independent Director, GGA Corporation

Independent Director, Inc.


Note 6:

President, Fate-design Original Co., Ltd.

Independent Director, Iron Force Industrial Co., Ltd.

Independent Director, ASPEED Technology Inc.

Convener of Compensation Committee and Audit Committee, Iron Force Industrial Co., Ltd.

Member of Compensation Committee, ASPEED Technology Inc.

Member of Compensation Committee, Zenitron Corporation


Note 7:

Accountant, Pei, Min-Li Accounting Firm

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