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Founded in 1968, the Tai Rung Development Co., Ltd. initially manufactured the four major product types of ampoules, plastics, cardboard cartons, and hoses, and has worked ceaselessly to improve quality and develop non-polluting products. Starting in 1988, we responded to the government's environmental protection policies by dropping our cardboard carton and hose products, increasing importation of environmentally-friendly products as a sales agent, and actively involving ourselves in environmental protection work. As part of our diversified business strategy, we have acquired mechanical valves and worm gear reducers for valves since 2003.


We currently produce and sell the two major container types of ampoules and plastic products, and also sell valve products. We currently offer over 240 types of plastic product specifications. Our plastic products are no longer aimed exclusively at the pharmaceutical industry, but also meet the needs of the GMP food industry and users of all types of high-end engineering plastics. We have made major breakthroughs in our plastic product R&D, and in the future will continue to strive to improve our plastic products, produce products with market potential, and achieve even better sales.


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