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In September 2015, Chunghwa Biomedical Technology Co., Ltd., established in 2006, was renamed as Chunghwa Senior Care Co., Ltd. (CSCC), and became a specialized provider of senior care services.Besides providing non-medical in-home senior care services, CSCC also provides senior care personnel training and consultation services for managing senior care businesses, and strives to meet the diverse needs of seniors through cross-industry collaborations with fellow senior care businesses. Our vision is "To bring more smiles to our seniors".

CSCC's core values and beliefs are also embedded in the company logo. The leaf illustrated in the logo is a seed leaf. Its main function is to provide nutrients required for seed germination. The abundant storage of nutrients in the seed leaf supports the germination process. When photosynthesis can be carried out by newly grown leaves emerging from the seedling, the seed leaf, having completed its mission, will wilt naturally. The role of parents is similar to that of the seed leaf, silently caring for their children; when their children have grown up, it would be time for them to enjoy their retirement.As seniors grow older and physically weaker , CSCC can assist their children in caring for them. The circle in CSCC's logo represents the provision of well-rounded care, so that seniors need not live in loneliness, and the orange color in the logo represents warm-hearted care.Parents have devoted a lifetime of love in raising their children, thus children should reciprocate their parents' love, and CSCC shall continuously convey these feelings of warmth and love.

Looking ahead, CSCC has adopted a mission of providing "the most trustworthy integrated supportive services which can truly meet the needs of seniors and caregivers", and is continuously developing, importing and distributing products for seniors, as well as promoting the diverse development of senior care services. Our core service purpose is to bring smiles of happiness to the elderly.

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