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Founded in 1952, China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CCPC) is dedicated to the innovation, research and development, manufacturing, and upgrade of services in the pharmaceutical industry. Since its establishment, CCPC has made numerous advances in the development of generic pharmaceutical and healthcare products for use in humans and animals. Widely used in every hospital and family household, the company’s advanced medical and health products help ensure better health and quality of life.
The CCPC scope of operations is primarily centered on generic pharmaceuticals. In an attempt to explore global generic markets, CCPC is closely collaborating with its sister companies as an integrated pharmaceutical company. At this point, our strategy is to provide niche and high manufacturing complexity API/generic drugs and the so-called 505(b)(2) new drugs (such as new route of administration, new derivatives, new use, etc.) to the US market.Our initial attempts are to develop the technology in Asia (some may have already been developed) and then move the technology into the USA and work with our US collaborative partners CMOs and CROs to get regulatory approval.At the same time CCPC is actively trying to partner with overseas pharmaceutical companies or wholesalers to market and distribute our niche products in specific territories.

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