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     Established in 2015, Phermpep Co., Ltd. is the brainchild of a decade of industry-academia collaboration among the research and development (R&D) teams of CCPC, National Chung-HsingUniversity and Da-Yeh University. Among the CCPG affiliates, the company plays a key role in the innovative R&D of healthcare materials and preventive medicines.Its corporate vision is to build professional biomedical brand value, become Taiwan's top enterprise in the health and biomedical industry and to develop functional peptide products that rival those of international leading brands.

With the core technology of functional peptide applications for the preventive medicine and pharmaceutical fields, Phermpep has developed core competencies in R&D and marketing by collaborating across industries and creating value-added products. On the R&D end, industry-leading R&D capabilities are being focused on the research and development of materials and the development of a complete patent portfolio, in order to compete in the international market. On the sales and marketing end, efforts are being made to grasp consumers' changing needs and provide a comprehensive range of health food products.
Core values
Priority: To give foremost consideration to consumers' health with passion and care
Professionalism: To integrate specialized R&D efforts and focus on producing health food products which are safe and scientifically proven to be effective.
Purity: To place emphasis on pure, natural ingredients without unnecessary additives, and advocate a healthy lifestyle.

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