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CCPC Research and Development Division

Research and development, the lifeblood of the CCPC's operation, enables the company to achieve a higher level of growth. The company's continued robust development also depends on the ongoing advancement of our research and development.

As soon as it was founded in 1952, China Chemical & Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (CCPC) realized the importance of forming strategic alliances with other superior world-class pharmaceutical firms and making use of each partner's advantageous resources. CCPC consequently cooperated with leading pharmaceutical companies in the US, Japan, Italy, the Netherlands, and Belgium, taking advantage of these opportunities to boost its technological standards and competitive ability, while making innovative improvements. China CCPC has achieved an R&D capability of international standards after zealous period of cooperation and learning.

CCPC has been consistently pouring large amounts of manpower and material resources into the development of new products, becoming a domestic leader in generic drug development. Our company is currently striving to develop innovative dosage forms, and as a result of our high pharmaceutical technology standards, we are at the forefront of international work in this field. Presently, CCPC’s products are aiming at the global market.

CCPC’s Research and Development Department includes the Development Division, the Project Management division, and the Pharmaceutical Research Center.

The Development Division analyses industry information, develops new products, collects patent information, and manages pharmaceutical affairs, trade mark affairs, clinical trial issues, and product license issues.

The Project Management Division oversees pharmaceutical product development, the global marketing of our products, domestic and foreign cooperation affairs, special project affairs, and cooperation affairs with government and academic units.

The Pharmaceutical Research Center leads the study and research of human and animal pharmaceutical products for the domestic and global markets, focusing on products with highly potent compounds, formulation studies, manufacturing procedure studies, product stability studies, scale up production studies, analytical method studies. Setting up the SOP for our Production Division and accepting OEM affairs, which include the formulation study for the products manufactured by CCPC, are also covered by our research center.

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