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CCPC Animal Health Division

The Sales Department of Animal Health Division was comprises a professional service group of 48 with animal science and veterinary medicine backgrounds. Sales products cover those for pigs, cows, poultry and companion animals. Besides manufacturing products for CCPC, the plant is also a contract manufacturer for Phibro (USA), and MSD, among other world-famous animal pharmaceutical companies. Therefore, the technological level of this CCPC feed additives plant is in step with the world and is highly competitive in the international community. It is one of the most competitive GMP automated plants in Taiwan and has become an optimal choice for international animal drugs companies seeking commercial partnerships in Taiwan.

In light of the limited room for growth of our domestic livestock industry, decreased number of medical feed additive items allowed by law, and restricted use of antibiotics, the Animal Health Division will focus its future strategies in the development of markets for healthcare products and non-medical feed additives while at the same time partnering with animal drugs distributors in China in an effort to sell its own niche products in the Chinese market.

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